NWSSB Net Member Polling: Merger with CB Net
Hello All:
Recently, one of our net members has proposed that the NWSSB Net give up its separate existence and be combined with the CB Net. At the present time, the overwhelming majority of NWSSB Net roster members are also members of the CB Net. According to the June NWSSB Net roster, which has a total of 93 members, only 25 are not also members of the CB Net. If this proposal is approved, these 25 NWSSB Net members will automatically become CB Net members and be merged into the CB Net roster.
All NWSSB Net officers and directors have been polled, and they have overwhelmingly approved this proposal. Starting this evening, I would like to present this proposal to our net membership for your approval. I think that this proposal has several advantages. As NWSSB Net manager, I am finding it increasingly difficult to staff the net and ensure that a sufficient number of net control and alternate net control stations are available to cover every evening of the week. After the merger, there will be a number of stations with previous net control experience, who would be available to serve the merged net, making it easier to cover occasional scheduling conflicts. Furthermore, propagation will be enhanced for the benefit of all former NWSSB Net members because of the merged net's half-hour later start time. Another advantage is that a single merged net will enjoy greater financial stability. Financial stability for the NWSSB Net is in doubt. At the present time we lack sufficient resources to renew our website.
This evening I will begin polling you, the NWSSB Net members, as to whether this proposal should be accepted. If you wish to vote, please do so as you check in. I plan to continue polling until the end of net on Tuesday, June 25. Keep in mind that if you do not vote I will assume that you are in favor of the proposal to merge the NWSSB Net into the CB Net.
73, Henry, W1HKS
Henry King Stanford, Manager